УФПБ отмечает эффективность нашей работы
18 мая, 2018
Безопасность BeLIVE на НСК «Олимпийском» обеспечена
25 июня, 2018

On behalf of the Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals, its head, Sergei Sidorenko, congratulated the employees, clients and partners of STELS-1 on another nineteenth anniversary of the work on the Ukrainian security services market. At the same time, the president of the UFSP pointed out the reliability, conscientiousness and professionalism of our security guards.

The founder of the security service STELS-1, Vyacheslav Pavliv, in turn, thanked “all those who honestly work, guarding and protecting”. “This is a good deed. The world in the hearts, houses, offices of our partners is the best evaluation of our work. This is the true evidence of our efforts and efforts, “he stressed.

During the work of STELS-1 it was possible to create the best mobile response system in Ukraine; The structure, uniting more than a thousand professionals, equipped with the latest technology. The result is obvious – effective security of lives, safety of property of thousands of individuals and legal entities. “But we are not in a hurry to sum up the results …”, says Vyacheslav Pavliv, noting the potential of the Ukrainian security services market and his company.