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Ukrainian Championship for country-cross quads «Ukrainian Cross-Country»

On Sunday, June 14, 2015 Security Service “STELS-1” provided the procedure for passing next 5th stage (“Kiev region”) of the Ukrainian Championship for country-cross quads…

International tournament “Battle of the capitals. Kickboxing WAKO. Arch-2015.”

Security service STELS -1 in the Day of Kyiv ensure safe passage of the international tournament “Battle capitals. Kickboxing WAKO. Arch-2015.” The tournament was organized…

Historically medieval battle “Call of heroes”

Security service STELS-1 maintain order during the Open Championship of Ukraine on the historical medieval battle ” Call of Heroes .” Competitions fighters clubs historic…

Stels-1 provide protection Festival Retro Car

Good afternoon, Retro Car Festival, held on the territory of Aviation Museum      

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